Children and young people’s mental health service thematic review Phase 3

Care Quality Commission (CQC) were asked by the Prime Minister in January 2017 to conduct a review of children and young people’s (CYP) mental health (MH) services.

We have completed the first two phases:
  • The phase one report was published in October 2017 and summarised what we already knew about CYP MH services. 
  • The phase two report, "Are we listening", was published in March 2018. The report sets out recommendations for national, regional and local action.

What we need you to do:

  • Identify ONE CYP MH professional who will be the main co-ordinator for your local Health and Wellbeing area response.
  • The nominated response co-ordinator will complete this self-assessment relating to the phase two report recommendations using both your locally collated information and that from liaising with your local and regional senior leads for CYP MH services.
  • Choose one response where you answer questions (e.g. Yes, most of the time OR No, never).
  • Return your single completed self-assessment to us by the 31 October 2019. You do not have to provide any evidence other than responses to the self-assessment questionnaire.

What we will do:

  • Collate all responses from the national health and wellbeing boards.
  • Publish how you have implemented the phase two recommendations in a report in March 2020.

Please see the definitions we have used for this self-assessment in annex 1.




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